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Jordan Lake taxidermy is a small taxidermist shop in Durham NC. Taxidermy is done by me and my Son Justin. This is not a large shop. I do not sub out work to other taxidermists. I strive to produce the highest quality in each and every piece. I give each piece the time it deserves, bringing out the lifelike details.I do taxidermy on a part-time basis. I have found that from time to time I must limit the number of pieces that I take in each year or risk getting behind on turnaround times. As it has happened in the past due to long term illness I faced. After treatment and a few years away from the salts and chemicals and letting my body heal. I can once again return to the art of taxidermy. All taxidermists, full time or part time can run into problems such as i did. Taxidermist can only mount so many trophies each year. If a taxidermist is over a year getting your trophy back to you, then they are taking in to many pieces. Contact me today.

Taxidermy In Progress

Deer Mannequin

Roughing up form so deer hide will adhere after pasteing glue. Deer hide is leather and will shrink as it dryies

Fleshing Fox Machine

Fox skin on the fleshing machine. Thinning hide down for less shrinkage when skin dries

Wild Turkey

Fleshing Turkey

Turkey on the wirewheel. Fleshing skin down to the feather quills. Degrease bird for strutting pose

Tanning Hides

Turning hide into leather involves a process which permanently alters the protein structure of skin, making it more plyable for household use, coloring skins is also available. Before tanning, all skins are salt dried until siff for shiping. We also offer in house tanning. However most customers choose commercialy becouse local taxidermist dont have the commercial tumblers to get it soft enough.

Waterfowl Ducks

We mount water foul and turkey. In many different positions flying or standing.

Shoulder Mounts

Whitetail deer shoulder mounts or full body. With habitat art. Antelope,Black Bear


Bobcats and Fox can be mounted in any pose


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